Video marketing is an effective way to communicate your brand awareness to your consumers. The real success story in marketing reveals a phenomenon of video marketing growing in today’s marketing industry, enabling consumers to watch effective video content, this is a valuable market strategy as the demand for video content is only evolving at an impressive rapid pace.

As findings depicted, 43% of people want to see more video content from marketers. The ideal aim for marketers in regards to video marketing, intends to help convert customers and maintain engagement with their brand. Benchmarking is the process of comparing one’s data when you measure dimensions such as quality time and cost in regards to industry standards, or a business in general and measuring its success and growth.


Findings reveal, in regards to viewing platforms and video consumption habits:

  • More than 500 businesses portray 250000 videos online and stream at an average, 600 million.
  • Another statistic reveal that an average of 86% of business related video views take place on desktop browsers and that only 14% a minority take place on mobile, therefore, it`s important to note the population view time mostly occurs on a Wednesday around 7am-11am.
  • This suggests a peak time occurring of active online users are free to watch videos and general email during the morning time.
  • Other findings reveal, that an average of 18 videos is published online by business organisations per month. Additionally, 56% of all videos posted within the last year, are less than 2 minutes long as the website and social media aspect are the most shared video distribution channels, for example product demos, how-to and testimonials.
  • The top 5% of videos maintained an average of 77% of viewers to the very last second, in addition the average retention rate of personalised videos are 35% higher than non-personalised videos.
  • Lastly, 35% of businesses are using intermediate or advanced analytics to measure video performance ,this include interaction, attention span, embedded views, location drop off times and influences on revenue. Furthermore companies that cooperate advanced analytics in to their business are more likely to be increasing their video budgets this year.


Overall, video marketing holds more advantages in oppose to disadvantages, such as the fact it provides you with more time to deliver their message, it could be potentially used to generate sale leads, it entertains, sets a mood and induces an emotional response therefore allowing consumers to watch a marketing message rather than skim reading at a print ad or reading of a website. Video marketing is currently a critical asset within the marketing industry hence why, it`s understandable for marketers to invest money into this particular online marketing strategy.


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