Did you know that there are 87,07 million mobile connections in South Africa? Grab the attention of your audience with these three easy formulas for an impressive SMS campaign.

  1. Personalise your SMS Campaign

Greg, grab a double cheese pizza from our Adderley store today!

SMS marketing doesn’t need to be blast sends to your total database. By customising your campaign content and adding the recipient’s name you ensure your campaign reach through the clutter of promotional messages and get right to the point. It’s more personal and more relevant if you speak to your audience like you know them – and you do! Take their first name, their last order or their preferred flavour and send out an SMS that will find immediate resonance with your recipient. They’ll feel special, that you care about them – and that this special was created specifically with their preferences in mind.


  1. Set a time-limit

90% of all SMS campaigns are opened in the first 3 minutes of being received. While we’re so used to receiving promotional messaging on a daily basis, there’s something about SMS campaigns that instil a sense of urgency. As the tendency to open SMS messages are so high, it is ideal to use this channel when promoting campaigns with a time-limit. In fact, encourage this sense of urgency by specifically creating a campaign that has a short time-limit. If personalised and customised, the natural sense of urgency we feel when receiving an SMS will be amplified if it is indeed an offer only available for a short amount of time.


  1. Add a Call-To-Action link

SMS campaigns are perfect to reach your audience with a personalised message that is available for redemption for a limited time only. So, what is the Call-To-Action that works best for this campaign? In addition to sending users instore to redeem their preferred promotion, include a web link in your SMS to track how the users are interacting with your campaign. It could be a link to their closest store on Google Maps, or the menu for the discounted pizza promotion. Your link will be trackable and add some added value to the user to further get them to complete the desired reaction and go get those pizzas while they’re still hot.

Makro’s Outdoor Sale SMS Campaign did a great job of combining the recommended formula to drive sales online and feet in-store:

SMS Campaign example

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