That inbox is more precious than you’ll ever know. It’s a potential source of traffic, revenue and fans. By treating it nicely through sending information your audience wants to see, it can really do wonders for your business. But don’t take our word for it; here are three examples of brands that have changed the way they do business all because of email marketing.

1. The Skimm’s 1.5 million subscribers

Unlike most companies that use emails to sell or promote their products, The Skimm – a source of helpful tips for women – uses the platform as a product. In other words, the newsletter is what they’re selling. This made it essential to grow their database substantially in order to make revenue.

Every email marketer knows just how challenging it can be to grow a database. Now imagine charging someone to become part of it. The Skimm did just that by making use of 6000 Skimm’bassadors who are basically influencers.

Its target audience were women between the ages of 22-34 living in major cities across the USA. To ensure engagement, they’d send emails early in the morning just when their audience was waking up. The reasoning behind this was that they believed the first thing their subscribers did was engage with emails, and they introduced a schedule that fitted with that routine.

As a result, The Skimms database grew to an incredible 1.5 million subscribers.

2. Boosting The Expert Institute Conversions by 200%

Trying to curb a high unsubscribe rate can be difficult for established businesses. Now imagine how it is for start-ups who’re entering the digital space. That’s what The Expert Institute had to contend with trying to network top professionals with attorneys and investment firms.

The solution was right in front of them; they reached the conclusion that they needed an influential person to assume the voice of their email. They noticed how some B2B companies were making use of personalised email marketing campaigns and saw this as an opportunity they too could use.

The Expert Institute chose their vice president of client relations to act as the voice of the company. Subsequently, the business reduced its unsubscribe rate considerably and boosted conversions by 200%.

3. HP Exstream Increase Lead Generation By 60%

Email marketing can be great way to start a conversation. HP Exstream, a customer communications management solution from HP, needed to increase B2B leads. These would allow them to set up face to face meetings with senior IT, finance and procurement executives. The issue was that many in the corporate world thought HP dealt with hardware, so reaching the right people was challenging.

The solution was to leverage kudos given to HP Exstream as an industry leader in the Forrester Wave Report by launching an email campaign titled Riding the Crest of the Wave. As a result, HP Exstream achieved a remarkable 150% increase in lead generation.