Nobody wants to lose a subscriber from their mailing list. But an uninterested and unengaged subscriber can do more harm on your database than good. We look at 3 things that’s stopping your mailing list from being healthy.

  1. Unengaged Mailing List

ISP’s are becoming more reliant on engagement data to determine your overall reputation in the marketplace. Simply put, if a number of your subscribers don’t open your mails over a period of time, chances are that the domains will direct the next email you send to their spam folder. And we’re not just talking about the unengaged subscribers – spam folders for everyone!

So, the goal is not just to grow a large mailing list, but a large engaged mailing list.

Look at your stats and identify the unengaged subscribers. How many of your mailing list doesn’t open your mails and ask yourself why that could be. Are you sending too many emails? Or too little? How can you change your frequency, subject lines, creative and design to engage your subscribers?


  1. No Re-Engagement Strategy

Now that we’ve identified the unengaged subscribers on our list, what’s next? Do we simply delete this segment from our mailing list?

You can remove the unengaged segment from your traditional bulk marketing to improve the effectiveness of your campaign but don’t remove them from your database completely. We’ll try to re-engage these subscribers one last time with a Re-Engagement campaign.

Set up a curated email specific to this segment to win them back. Take into consideration that these users haven’t reacted or liked anything you’ve done before, so you have to pull out all the stops.

This re-engagement mail from Urban Outfitters is a great example of cutting through the clutter. The catchy subject line “Are we seriously breaking up?” stands out in your inbox and the creative doesn’t disappoint.

Be bold and take risks. This is your last attempt to keep these users – there’s nothing to lose!

Urban Outfitters
Urban Outfitters via Hubspot


  1. Unmaintained Database

Now that you’ve identified the unengaged individuals on your list, tried to get them to stay but officially been ignored, you have to remove them from your mailing list. And keep removing them continuously and frequently.

Your mailing list is an asset to your company. By keep your data in one singular space, whether on your ESP or locally, you ensure that it is always up to date and you are aware of the real number of engaged assets you have available. The stats will be more accurate and your insights will be more informative if you’re only looking at customers who are buying/ engaging/ interested in your brand. Those are the customers you wish to know more about, and those are the customers you want to work towards building lasting relationships with.


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