Twitter’s revenue is up 8% year-over-year. Here’s 4 tips on how you can create a winning Twitter strategy for your brand.

  1. Don’t just spam. Be relevant.

Twitter is a great social media channel to promote content, but users don’t just read all the content a brand puts out. By making sure your content is valuable and solves a pain point or answers an industry question, you are increasing the relevance of your content – ensuring that it is being read and engaged with. Unless your content is relevant no one will retweet or respond.

As users are subjected to a lot of information on their Twitter feeds it is ok to tweet your content more than once. Spruce it up a little with a visual or copy change but don’t be shy to share the same fact twice.

Be consistent with your identity and the content of your tweets. Stick to content relevant to your brand and your industry, don’t try to please everyone and react to everything happening in the news. As Will McInness so succinctly put it “publishing a stream of fragmented, unrelated posts is a sure way to lose followers – and credibility”.

  1. Be a resource. Not an advertiser.

Further expanding on tip #2, the only way to connect and engage with a user is through content relevance. Self-promotion is very quickly identified and seen as being less trustworthy than industry news or helpful information.

Be the source of information that your industry would find interesting and follow industry leaders and influencers for fresh and relevant real-time information.

  1. Make your tweets look good.

Not only is your content important, but also the way you package it and present it to your user. We’ve mentioned that users see a lot of content in their feeds per day. The fact that we mention it again should underscore its importance. Make your tweets visually attractive so they stand out from the rest. Use the right image sizes for optimal viewability and shorten your links. Just because Twitter doesn’t count links as part of their 142 characters doesn’t mean users want to see it.

  1. Get your timing right.

Perfect your timing for higher engagement. Conduct your own analysis of your brand’s tweets to find that perfect time to tweet. There is no golden standard so base your research and analysis on your own tweets to find out what works best for you – as it will differ from what works best for me. Analytics programs such as Tweriod will help you get a better understanding of when to tweet and help you make an informed decision.

Schedule your tweets and respond quickly to questions via Twitter. A study has found that Twitter survey respondents want feedback within an hour – so you’d better have the resource standing by to promptly reply.

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