These Cyber Monday stats show why your campaign shouldn’t just stop after Black Friday weekend.

Ready to be convinced why you shouldn’t just stop with a one-day-only Black Friday campaign? Here we go:

  1. Social mentions are on the rise

Jetweb, a digital advertising agency, tracked Black Friday through social listening and found that the mentions of the Black Friday weekend had increased from 2015 to 2017 in South Africa.

Where 2015 saw 4 719 mentions of the Black Friday weekend; 2016 saw it increase to 15 507 and 2017 tracking even more than 15 900 posts. The rise in social media activity illustrates that more and more brands are getting involved in the holiday and more consumers are becoming involved in tracking specials and discounts.


  1. Black Friday/ Cyber Monday starts earlier every year

In addition to the rise of Black Friday weekend mentions on social media, the mentions are also starting earlier and earlier every year. With brands such as Takealot and Zando making use of a longer Black Friday build-up, the social mentions are also starting earlier and earlier, showing that consumers have an increased appetite for discount and promotional content.

Cyber Monday Stats -Social Mentions

Image via BizCommunity


  1. 21-34-year olds are the most active in the online conversation

So, we know that social mentions are on the rise, but who is part of the online conversation? Jetweb’s Cyber Monday stats further reveal that 60% of the audience taking part in Black Friday related conversation is between the ages of 21 to 34-year olds followed by ages 35 to 44.

Cyber Monday Stats - social online conversations

Image via BizCommunity.


  1. 54% of South Africans make use of the internet

Now that you’ve seen the Cyber Monday stats showing the efficacy of the Black Friday/ Cyber Monday weekend for consumer awareness, the following stats also give us additional insight into the online behaviour of SA consumers.

Simply looking at the sheer numbers available, and taking into consideration that Cyber Monday is online sales only, brands are able to reach 54% of the total South African population who makes use of the internet. Rivalling TV in terms of reach, targeting and performance.

Cyber Monday Stats - Internet use

Image via wearesocial & Hootsuite


  1. 61% of SA consumers prefer to do tasks digitally

Wearesocial’s 2018 report on the South African consumer shows that 61% of consumers would prefer to complete a task digitally over any other medium. This is a very big Cyber Monday stat as it shows that, while consumers might still be hesitant about purchasing online, they would prefer to do their research, receive their communication and make their purchasing decisions online.

Cyber Monday Stats - South Africa Attitudes towards Digital for Email campaigns

Image via wearesocial & Hootsuite


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