If you’re like us, then the Easter egg hunt is on. By that we mean you’re finding the right mix of ideas to put into your basket for Easter email marketing. It’s tough finding the gems to use while promoting your product. This doesn’t mean you can’t come up with egg-selent ideas – we just had to. Here are a few tips to stick to this Easter period.

Easter egg hunt promotions

Your site provides a perfect space to launch engaging competitions. What’s more, your email can act as the conduit where the audience can stay in the loop of the competition.

One such competition can come in the form of an Easter egg hunt. What you do is hide Easter eggs, which can be in the form of coupon codes and even product prizes, on your website’s pages. Your email then provides hints on where the Easter eggs can be found.

Put some eggs in one basket

Hampers never fail. They provide great value, and also reduce the time it takes to find what you’re after. So use your email to promote hampers. Put together an assortment of products, as well as samples, and offer them to your audience. You can also use your email promote customisable hampers, which gives the audience a greater scope for choice.

Focus on the holiday

For B2C business, sending your emails just before and over the Easter Holiday could increase your chances of achieving high conversions. The reasoning behind this is that a large group of your customer base is probably on leave. That means they’re likely to travel, and purchase goods.

Give them a sale

In the spirit of goodwill sales are a perfect way to show that you appreciate the business your customers are generating for you. Remember you’re not the only one trying to get the most out of Easter. Pushing your prices down incentivises your customers to purchase from you and not the competition.

Don’t forget to also pay extra attention to loyal customers. Use your email marketing to target those who regularly purchase from you, and offer higher discounts, double loyalty points for purchases, or giveaways.

Promote your charitable efforts

It’s not all about making revenue. It’s always a good idea to give back. What’s even better is getting your customers involved in your charitable efforts. Your email material can include sections where you inform the audience of anything you’re doing to help those less fortunate. This section can also include details on how they can get involved either by giving their time or donating money.