Started late and struggling to put together an effective Black Friday email campaign? Read on for 5 simple steps that will get your campaign in user’s inboxes in no time.


  1. Build your Black Friday email list

First things first. Build your database and mailing list by asking users to sign up to receive your Black Friday specials before it hits the public. This promise of exclusive deals will inspire your audiences and make sure that you have a good quality mailing list to start sending your Black Friday email campaigns to.


  1. Set expectations with teasers

Now that you’ve built your database it’s time to send your mailers. And not just on the morning of Black Friday. Keep your database interested in your Black Friday offers by sending teasers and exclusive notifications prior to Black Friday to build up hype and keep your audience interested. With all the specials and deals on Black Friday your audience will be comparison shopping frantically to get the best deal possible, so keep them hooked on your site so they aren’t tempted to look elsewhere as they know you have great deals.


Blue Apron teases about the upcoming Black Friday sale


  1. Personalise to your audience segments

Your audience will best respond to content that is relevant to them. Be sure to segment your Black Friday mailing list so you can personalise the deals and offers to your specific audience segments and increase their interest in your email. Create different email creative for your female and male audiences, your gamers, families and share the best offers for those who haven’t clicked on your correspondence in a while. Through creative design and your already low specials you have the potential to reach your best, and least, engaged audiences.


  1. Count down

Urgency. Exclusivity. FOMO. All of these sales techniques are so popular because they work.  After you’ve shared your relevant and personalised deals with your audience, be sure to make them understand how exclusive and limited this offer is. A countdown timer does just the trick for inspiring your audiences to shop.


The countdown has begun! ZAGG allows you to fill your cart ahead of the time.


  1. Get creative

Black Friday is a frantic time of the year with loads of brands trying to get their message out there. Be sure to use your creative chops to capture your audience’s attention and stand out from the crowd. It’s not enough to just have a great deal, with great creative you become memorable for more than just the day.


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