Video will be massive in 2017. But how, and why and where? We summarise the top 5 video marketing trend predictions for the upcoming year.

5 Video Marketing Trends In 2017

Video needs to be on your 2017 marketing strategy. In fact, it should be right at the top. Statistics show that marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users and 4 out of 5 shoppers say a video showing how a product or service work is important. Video isn’t just your traditional 30” TV ad uploaded onto YouTube – it is a whole new way of communicating your brand message and the products or services you offer.


1 Growth in live video platforms usage

Forget about taping this set to share with audiences later, live video platforms allow consumers to react and engage with the video while it is happening. Based on consumers’ continuing need for real-time and real-world information, marketers will have to consider live streaming and video to keep their brands relevant and engage with their content. Facebook, Meerkat, Periscope are all platforms that allow for live video streaming and need to be seriously considered as part of your 2017 video marketing strategy.

2 Demand for more 360 videos

Magnifyre’s study shows that the 360-degree video format receives an average of 28.81% higher view rate than standard video and that viewers watched the 360-degree video right up till the end. National Geographic’s beautiful and intense 360-video illustrates the beauty and engagement such a video can create, even if there is no product or service being showcased.

3 Multiple devices mean multiple channels

Consumers own more than one device and consume video on more than just their television screens. This increase in video platforms mean that marketers will now have to share their videos on all available platforms to ensure that their audience sees and interacts with it. Video is no longer restricted to TV and even YouTube. You need to share your content on all available platforms and social media to effectively reach your audience and convey your message.

The #MyNightShift ad by MTN does a good job of telling a story as well as convey the multiple devices used by consumers.


4 Video storytelling

Brands will continue the storytelling trend in 2017 as consumers continue to demand unique and meaningful brand messaging. As consumers we are no longer going to buy a brand simply because the retailer or brand tells us to, we will evaluate all the options and make our own decision.

Storytelling through video allows marketers to bring across a specific brand message but in such a way that conveys and evokes emotion – making the message so much more memorable and impactful. This Google story allows users to make their own story and conjecture through a variety of Google searches – a quaint illustration of how often we use Google in our daily lives.


5 Video email marketing

Emails that incorporate video links can increase your email’s open rate with 50%. Using the word “video” in the subject line can lead to an increase in open rate of 19% and to a click through rate of 65%. Needless to say video and email marketing will come together in 2017 to become a seamless integration of content and execution that will inspire and engage audiences with brands.