Email marketing is the single most effective tactic for awareness and provides a higher ROI then most other marketing tools, therefore it should be a fundamental component in your marketing mix and should include good email creative and design.

What makes a successful email?  We’ve mapped out the structure and function of a winning mailer, created by our design team at Digital Fire.

Subject Line

Keep it short and on point. This is the hook for all your open rates.

Above the Fold Design

The top part of the mailer is the first thing you’ll see before scrolling down and should be worth a look. Your objective or main message should live here.

Responsive Design

Having a responsive template is crucial as 65% of all emails are opened on a mobile device.

Linked Images

Ensure all images and logos are clickable in order to drive traffic to your website

View in Browser Link

Test your email on various email clients to secure that everything works with a link to a web browser as back up.

GIF or Video

Capture the reader’s attention and encourage engagement and an interactive response.


Keep it short and easy to digest in order for the recipient to take the next steps.

Breathing Space

Using white space allows visual clarity while making your links more usable for finger tapping.

Call-to-Action (CTA)

The most critical part of your email is the CTA – designed to provoke an immediate response.


Having personalisation can increase conversions and improves customer retention.

Brand Colours

Have a consistent design that includes your branding colours.

Contact Information

Your footer should contain your company’s physical address and contact number in order for the recipient to contact you directly to inquire about a service.

Social Media

Include all social media icons to increase your followers and show your social presence.

Unsubscribe Link

By law every email needs an easy-to-find unsubscribe link to give consumers the option to unsubscribe from receiving communication.


Ensure your images are striking and evocative to the message.

image to go in article

Email drives more conversions than any other marketing channel when used correctly. Knowing how to design a successful mailer and reaching your clients directly in their inbox will build a strong relationship and bump up your revenue.

If you want to generate profit through an effective email campaign, contact Digital Fire. We provide cutting edge digital marketing and advertising solutions for our clients.

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