Think only American audiences are aware of Black Friday? 2017 saw consumers in South Africa make 16,266% more purchases on Black Friday – the largest percentage increase of any other country. Here are 5 global stats for why you should participate in Black Friday 2018 this year.

Black Friday is here to stay in SA

Originally from America, Black Friday has taken the world by storm and are now being celebrated worldwide.  And while the South Africa was slow to start, in 2017 – an international website that uses data from retailers around the world – revealed that South African website sessions jumped with 936% in 2016.


  1. 69% of consumers plan to shop on Black Friday 2018

A study by Marvin Traub Association showed that 57% of all consumers think Black Friday shopping is fun with 69% of them having planned to shop on Black Friday weekend in 2017.


  1. Black Friday 2018 Build-Up will start as early as October 

Only planning to have a promotion on the day? Major American retailers such as Harbor Freight, Seers, Kmart and Target are starting their Black Friday advertising as early as October. This trend is anticipated to continue in 2018 with the experts expecting to see the first ad scans drop in early October 2018.

Black Friday Ad Release dates for 2018 from’s expected retailer ad release dates for 2018


  1. South Africa made 16,266% more purchases on Black Friday

Black Friday specials and discounts are also no longer just for Black Friday or for the Black Friday weekend. Retailers use their email lists to set up Black Friday teasers ahead of the time to ensure users can comparison shop and prepare for when your deal drops. anticipates some American retailers to offer discounted Pre-Black Friday sales from as early as September 2018. In the past Walmart as offered discounted online deals for the whole month of November, while Amazon launched a “Countdown to Black Friday” campaign in November 2013 which released a new deal online every 10 minutes.

Not convinced yet? Read on.


  1.  Black Friday website sessions in South Africa jumped with 936%

SA consumers are very price conscious and our American counterparts are no different. American retailers Walmart and Target offer to match the prices of over 29 different competitors, ensuring that their customer unloads all of their planned buying power in their store without being tempted to comparison shop elsewhere.


  1. Black Friday 2016 is the first day to drive over one billion dollars in mobile revenue

Omnichannel shopping is on the rise, and given that clothing, perfume  electronics and books are the most bought categories for Black Friday shoppers, retailers will have to make use of all their marketing channels available to promote their products and give specific emphasis to Mobile. The top Black Friday brands in SA will make use of their mobile optimised email marketing, social media and online advertising to spread their deals and create a singular message across all customer touch points to complete the sale.


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