Clarins promotional emails are always at the top of their game. This month was no exception. The cosmetics company keeps its audience engaged with beautiful promo mailers that provide valuable information and products.

Client objective

Clarins wanted to promote its bright plus range, thereby increasing conversion and newsletter sign ups. The solution was to broadcast a one page mailer that would direct traffic to a page dedicated to the bright plus products. Once there, customers would have the option of subscribing to the newsletter and shopping.

Target audience 

The female audience was the predominant target for the Clarins promo mailer. They were within the mid to high level LSM demographic, and subscribed to high quality cosmetics products.


Digital Fire implemented a one page mailer that was broadcast to Clarins’ target audience. It featured evidence in the form of statistics taken about women who approved of the products ability to help with a variety of skin related issues, followed by the benefits offered by the Bright Plus range.


The promo mailer was in line with the Clarin’s colour palette, a beautiful blend of vibrant colours that stimulate attention. It featured a hero image of a model, followed by three charts and text explaining them. The call to action was placed below the content and titled “Discover”, which is a strong CTA that encourages engagement.

Clarins Bright Plus

Clarins Bright Plus Promo Mailer