Totalsports is an offline and online retailer that offers a range of the latest sportswear, including athletic shoes, sports kits and equipment. The retailer offers international brands that range from Nike and Adidas to Reebok and Converse. The brand’s popularity has rested on its ability to provide the latest apparel to an ever so trendy audience.

Client objective

TotalSports recently updated its catalogue and wanted to promote its new product line. The brand needed to tap into a new audience and create awareness on the range of fashion that was on offer.

The brand wanted to:

  • Broadcast a promotional mailer
  • Drive awareness of the latest sportswear available
  • Stimulate sales on their new product line
  • Tap into a market that had previously not been promoted to

Target audience

Digital Fire canvassed a database that would find appeal in the Totalsports campaign mailer. The digital agency decided it would target:

  • An audience within the high LSM
  • Both the male and female demographic
  • People living in South Africa
  • An audience interested in health, fitness, sport and lifestyle


Apart from offering a database that Totalsports would send the promotional mailer to, Digital Fire would also broadcast the mailer on its ESP. This would require that the mailer be tested on an email optimiser to ensure that it would appear as it was designed and coded for various email clients. Once all errors had been detected and resolved, the mailer was then loaded onto the ESP. This was followed by further testing to ensure no essential code had been stripped.


Digital Fire then sent test mailer to the client, ensuring that all links work functioning. Once the client had approved, Digital Fire broadcast the mailer and started collating results. At the end of the campaign, TotalSports had generated a:

  • 25.19% Open Rate
  • 7.12% Click Through Rate

With such remarkable results, it’s easy to see why email continues to lead the pack. It has the potential to generate significant awareness and stimulate sales, jut like it did with Totalsports.