Triumph has been in business for more than 125 years in tailoring female confidence. As a recognised world-leading maker of lingerie and shape wear, Triumph provides lingerie for every personality. Triumph is known for their dedication to their craft, passion for detail, innovation and commitment to help their customers to find the perfect fit. Customer love the way their products make them look and feel. Digital Fire executed a targeted email campaign for Triumph and generated an Open Rate of 32.44% and a Click-through Rate of 10.39%.


Triumph’s objectives for the email marketing campaign were to:

  • Increase traffic to their website
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Drive online sales


Digital Fire proposed a targeted data rental campaign via permission based email marketing targeting Triumph’s target audience on Digital Fire’s consumer database. The campaign promoted a 30% discount to encourage consumers to click through to Triumph’s ecommerce site.


Digital Fire created different mailers and Triumph decided on which one they would like to broadcast. This promotional mailer had a strong call-to-action and encouraged individuals to click through to Triumph’s website, where the 30% off sale was hosted. The artwork had a clean and clear-cut look and feel. The call-to-action (SHOP NOW button) was above the fold of the mailer to ensure maximum impact and exposure. The social media icons featured at the bottom of the mailer.


The promo mailer was tested on different email accounts, browsers and devices. The email campaign was broadcasted to high LSM females who were based nationwide and interested in fashion, online shopping, beauty & cosmetics etc. The campaign was personalised using the subject line: “Susan, let us help you find the one…”

The following results were generated during the campaign:

  • 32.44% Open Rate
  • 10.39% Click-through Rate

32.44% of the target audience (delivered amount of data) was reached and 10.39% of the delivered amount, clicked through to Triumph’s website.

P Arora said: “No matter how old it gets, email marketing will still be relevant,” with stats like this, we agree.