Triumph, was initially established in 1886 having evolved from humble early stages to become one of the world’s largest, recognised lingerie companies. Still, to this very day, Triumph endures at the forefront of the fashion industry, aiming to tailor every individual needs and match every women’s personality.

Triumph is particularly acknowledged for their passion towards fashion and commitment in helping people find their perfect, ideal fit. Therefore, Triumph united with Digital Fire to create a targeted email campaign towards consumers allowing them to be exposed to the brand and acknowledge recent sale and promotions. During the winter season, triumph decided to launch a 50% sale on their website, aiming to increase sales and profit.


  • Increase brand awareness
  • Promote and advertise their winter sale
  • Increase traffic towards their website
  • Generate online sales



Digital Fire is well known for its professional capability of enabling the perfect targeted data rental campaign towards consumers. This process required consent based email marketing, where email marketers would create a consumer base, depending on people`s interest and occupation for example, cosmetics, lifestyle and fashion. A customised database was created according to Triumph’s target where emails were sent to the specific individuals. It is important to note, the content of the mailers differs depending on what clients want to achieve. Research, states that emails are target based and that people read emails every day, this makes email marketing an effective marketing strategy.

Digital Fire designed a range of unique customised mailers for Triumph which they then decide on the most favourable mailer to use for the winter sale big promotion.


The Digital Fire design team produced a vibrant, appealing mailer which Triumph broadcasted for their winter sale promotion. The Promotional Mailer encompassed an original visual design portraying a range of clothing such as sexy, casual and sporty. The web design team, incorporated special touches such as a GIF image of curtains. The ideology behind this image was to create a sense of suspense and wonder, by creating the illusion of the curtain exposing the promoted products of lingerie on the models. This creates an emphasis on the message initially to capture the viewer’s attention and then reveal the variety of products Triumph had to offer. The overall design was aiming to look unique and simplified so it appeals towards consumers.

Other artwork consisted of an eye opening visual icon, such as the SHOP NOW button, used to ensure maximum exposure and click rate towards their website. The predominant message was that, there is a 50% discount if consumers purchase from online, encouraging individuals to explore the website and hopefully make purchases.



Findings depicted, an open rate of 22,38% and a click-through rate of 8,16%. Triumph’s mailer did exceptionally well in comparison to other methods in digital marketing. According to Tim Watson of Zettasphere, email marketing remains the most effective marketing strategy in digital marketing.



Case study Triumph

Case study Triumph