Digital Fire has worked with Volvo and their advertising agency for several years, where we continue to distribute email marketing campaigns that increase brand awareness, generate leads and test drive bookings and ultimately sales.

This campaign focused on the ‘Swedish way to a better life,’ the 3-month payment breather for expecting parents, the arrival of the new Volvo S90, as well as Volvo Car Insurance – comprehensive car insurance on any new or used Volvo.

Client objectives:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Drive individuals to the nearest Volvo dealership
  • Increase test drive bookings
  • Drive traffic to their website
  • Increase sales

Ultimately, Volvo wanted to broadcast a mailer that would lead to an increase in test drive bookings and sales.

Target market:

  • Mid to senior managers and directors
  • CEOs & MDs
  • Nationwide – predominantly Gauteng, KZN and the Western Cape
  • Interests: automobiles, luxury goods, lifestyle etc.
  • LSM 8-10


Volvo’s creative agency provided Digital Fire with a great looking 1 page HTML mailer. They used strong images and text with call-to-action buttons that will drive traffic to the correct landing pages on the website.

Digital Fire uploaded the artwork onto our software system, tested the campaign and ensured it displayed correctly on different mail clients and browsers.

A database was built according to the target audience and the campaign was broadcasted on the agreed date.


The campaign had a great response with Open Rates of more than 20%.  When email is done correctly, it still yields one of the highest ROI of all advertising mediums.


Please find an online URL to the artwork below:


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