“Great masterpieces take time.”

And while this might be true for the Old Masters and any creative ideas that need to be conceptualised, planned and executed – it doesn’t need to be the case for your email campaign. Here’s our top tips to create great email design in half the time.

Start with mobile first

No more optimising for mobile after your design is complete. Plan your mobile and desktop layout at the same time. Together. Email open rates from mobile devices have grown by 180% in the last three years and shows no signs of stopping, so make your email fully responsive. Make your text live. Design for mobile first.

Mobile First

Beautiful on both mobile and desktop. By mecolvin from 99designs.com

Keep it short and simply

B2B, B2C or B2B & B2C – no matter, this tip is for us all. Keep it short. Keep it simple. Keep it scannable.

Limit the amount of information and CTA’s you include in your email to have a single focus: your main desired response. Users will quickly get confused about your mail if you’ve got too much info and images.

Remember that nobody really reads your emails. They scan them in-between work assignments, during their commute and generally on-the-go. Users are scanning your mail for something they find relevant and interesting. Only once they’re inspired will they click through. So, make sure it’s really easy to find that button, to understand the message and know what you want the recipient to do.

image 2 to go in post

Short, simple, sweet. Dropbox makes it look easy. Via reallygoodemails.com

Link all the things, all the time

Mobile phones are no longer the tiny little screens of the 90s, but if you’re like me you’ll recognise the struggle of navigating a touch screen while on the go. Link all your images and buttons and make sure they’re going to the appropriate landing page. Make your CTA buttons easy to spot and navigate. For mails with a single message and destination URL, link any main images to ensure that users are able to get to the allocated page with as little effort as possible.

We’ve already pointed out; mobile email opens are on the rise so your big thumbed consumers (and myself of course) will be thanking you in the future.

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