Been a while since you’ve gotten any action on your page? You would not be the first (or the last) to hit a social media slump. But not to fear, we’ve combined all our top remedies for netting those reactions and getting back that spark to create engagement without breaking the bank.

Paid Media Disclaimer!

In the light of all the changed regulations and GDPR hoo-ha (we take this very seriously, do not let our light tone fool you) we will start off with a little disclaimer of our own.

There is no such thing as organic engagement anymore – all content should be accompanied by paid media. Paid media is a must. No natural remedy shall fix the malady that is lack of paid media budget.


But what about not breaking the bank, I hear you say.

The answer to loads of reactions and engagement is not just a hefty paid media balance. Hence our assurances that you won’t be breaking any banks. The little (or a lot) of paid media you have to allocate needs to be paired with crafty, fascinating and sometimes plain old fun content to get your audience intrigued and engaged.

So, let’s get on with it.


  1. Use hashtags to Get in on That Conversation

Let’s face it – not all scintillating conversations on social media is really newsworthy. Sometimes we just like to make fun of, discuss or even argue strange random facts with each other while trying to one-up with the use of memes and popular culture.

Get your brand in there as fast as you can by joining the conversation with some witty repertoire and top trending hashtags. Be sure to check if the hashtag is connected to anything controversial or political before you engage and make sure you have some potential clap backs ready just ???????? in ???????? case????????.


  1. Include games – no, we are never too old

Digital Fire recently tested out this theory with a client that has a large following, but limited media budget. What started out as a trial and error “Find the hidden object” test soon became a weekly fan favourite with fans trying hard to one-up each other and find all the hidden gems first.

We even started making the games harder and harder to spot – but there’s no fooling the eagle eye of social media detectives.

Let’s see how many you can find – we’ll take it easy on you:

How many peppers do you spot?


  1. Giveaways!

No matter how hard we convince ourselves that our fanbase is made up of loyal, unassuming souls who need nothing other than your love to remain a fan – that is simply not true. Fans also need a few giveaways and competitions to get them back in the game.

And giveaways don’t need to be cars or millions of Rands. Give away smaller prizes more frequently and throw in a few prizes that isn’t directly related to your product or service and watch your audience lap up your jokes, games and start engaging.


Let’s get started to create engagement

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