Set up a mailing list and haven’t sent any emails in a while? These 5 examples of how to re-engage will warm up your subscribers in no time.

Let them know what they’ve missed

Keep it clean. Keep it short. And let users see what they’ve missed while they’ve been away with a bit of a brag. Make sure that you’ve added really important updates or have exciting news to share that the users will find intriguing enough to open, click and re-engage with your content again.


Did you miss out on some of these new features? Image via Really Good Email

“Check-in” on more than just open rates

Use all the data you have about your subscribers and tailor their correspondence to content that is specific to them. Remind them of how many loyalty points they have, ask them if they’re still happy with your product. But ensure the data is meaningful to your users or this trick will do more harm than good.


Your weekly progress report and tips. Image via Really Good Email

Remind how quick and easy it is to re-engage

Short and to the point, Duolingo tempts and brings the user back into the fold with a reminder of the product’s core focus and how quick and easy it is to use. Short on copy and visuals, the CTA motivates and the with only 5 minutes of your time to spare, why wouldn’t you re-engage?


We miss you! Image via Really Good Email

Update your details

Don’t want to immediately let your users unsubscribe? Ask them to update their details on the Preference Centre first. During this exercise users who really don’t want to be on your email list will unsubscribe anyway and you get the added bonus of having the users who are still interested updating and confirming their details. #Winning.


Did you still want to hear from us?. Image via Really Good Image

The last big hurrah

You have already tried your very best to engage this segment of users but they’re not biting and it’s time to determine if they should still be on your mailing list. Take the leap and ask. Find out if they want to stay. And give them one more reason why they should.

From their subject line to their point-blank email copy, Framebridge isn’t afraid of getting any unsubscribes. While this mail isn’t something you’ll send to your whole database, it’s a last hurrah to your identified unengaged segments. Why remove anyone from my list? Find out here.


Goodbyes are hard… Image via Really Good Emails

Full disclaimer: Framebridge apologised and said this email was sent in error. But while they might have come on a bit strong, this mail can will live on in our references for its use of copy and subject line.

Let’s get started

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