So, what do you get your dad this Father’s Day? Especially the dad who has everything! This is an age-old question and these days; more and more individuals are turning to their inbox to see if they received any great emails with a few ideas.

Father’s Day spending is on the rise, so it is not a marketing opportunity to ignore. It is less than a month away, have you thought about your email strategy and how you’ll adapt to maximise opens, clicks and sales?

June is a rather uneventful time of the year, with winter in full swing and people often not out and about and shopping, but Father’s Day can represent a significant source of revenue during this ‘slow season.’ Similar to Mother’s Day, it is a time where individuals can honour their parents and show them how much they love them and care for them. With online shopping and delivery, it is even easier now to show them appreciation when you order them a gift online and it is delivered to their front porch.

To stand out from the crowd and ensure you get a slice of the pie, it is important that you are creative with your email campaigns. Besides the actual design, ensure you are using great subject lines. The fact is, if a subject line is appealing, individuals can’t help but open it…

Below are a few tips to take into consideration when you create your Father’s Day email campaigns and strategy.

1. Send Father’s Day promotions early:

Generally, people plan ahead for these days, thus get your message out there and front of mind! As a business, you want them to know that you have the perfect gift to get to your old man. Normally, sales pick up a week prior to the day and it might be important to send more than one email to remind customers.

2. Include the words ‘father, dad or Father’s Day’ in your subject line:

Similar to Mother’s Day, Father’s Day is about an emotional connection and thanking them. A good idea is to play on this emotion and include the above-mentioned words in your subject line. Immediately individuals will know what the mailer is about and those in the market will most likely open and click on it.

3. Find gifts for your dad:

Successful email campaigns didn’t focus on ‘saving money,’ the focus was on ‘finding the right gift.’ Email marketers should encourage the emotional connection and encourage individuals to keep on searching and buying the perfect gift.

4. Savings:

Even though individuals are more concerned with finding the perfect gift than saving money, price will still play an important role when buying a gift.

Thumbs up to all the fabulous, funny, forgiving and fearless dads out there and a double thumbs up to all the companies who are creating fabulous Father’s Day campaigns that will add to their bottom line!