Need more stats to believe email isn’t dead? Let’s have a look at what the email marketing landscape looks like for 2018.

59% of marketers see the most ROI from email. 

Emma’s second edition of their annual email marketing industry report for 2018 shows that, while AI, chatbots and video are the latest trend in digital marketing, respondents says email marketing still achieves the best ROI.

Yes, blast email marketing isn’t effective as it once was. But relevant, targeted and automated marketing still remains the best channel to reach and engage with your customers.

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25% of marketers plan to increase spending on email in the year to come.

Where do marketers plan to spend their marketing budgets in 2018? Not on AI, chatbots or videos at all – but on email marketing. If you’re not planning on including email marketing in your marketing plan then it’s time to start reconsidering your reasons why. Are you taking advantage of email as a marketing channel? Are you utilizing tools like segmentation, automation, and testing to get the best possible ROI?

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The Email Service Provider Landscape

Who’s the most used ESP in the industry for 2018? We list the top x5 ESPs as per Litmus’ 2018 State of Email Survey below, click here for the full list of ESPs. Warning: there are more than you think!

  1. Salesforce – used by 26.6% of respondents to Litmus’ State of Email Survey
  2. MailChimp – used by 24.2%
  3. Oracle, Eloqua, Bronto, NetSuite, Siebel, and Dyn – 12.2%
  4. Marketo (also includes ToutApp) – 9.4%
  5. Campaign Monitor (also includes Emma and Delivra) – 8.3%

Litmus reports that twenty email service providers were used by at least 1% of the respondents surveyed. With so many choices and so many opportunities it is hard to imagine email marketing as an unsuccessful marketing channel.

So how does this impact my brand?

It’s easy to get distracted by the latest and hippest trending technologies and channels out there, but by focusing on getting your basic email marketing correct you can achieve real results. And by ensuring you have a strong email strategy in place you can only go from strength-to-strength.

Here’s how you can improve your email performance:

  • Grow your email list – your database is valuable to you and allows you to build a strong lasting relationship with your customer.
  • Go mobile – mobile shouldn’t be an afterthought, it should be your core focus. Design and plan for mobile first.
  • Segment, target and automate – blast email marketing is dead, targeted relevant email marketing is very much alive and crucial to achieving great email marketing ROI.

Let’s get started

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