Background Information

Social media is the most powerful tool to spread, share and discuss information across to online users. On August 9th 2015 the Facebook Messenger App was initially launched, However not immediately successful.

The co-founder Mark Zuckerburg of the worldโ€™s leading social network declared that the re-invented version of the tool, App would be the next huge revenue generator, however this was debated as many argued email marketing cannot be dead and that it is perfectly safe in regards to user base. The Facebook Messenger App in comparison to email marketing enabled business firms and clients to have more personalised and manageable conversations with people or other words it was more convenient and accessible to use.

With people preferring to communicate via Facebook rather than email has become a potential threat towards brands that have invested in email campaign strategies, this enabled internet users to have a range of options to communicate therefore this comes to the conclusion that there is a potential possibility that social media is alternating the messaging habits of everyday consumers.


Results reveal, during November 2014 active users of the Facebook messenger app accelerated from a figure of 500 million per month to 900 million per month during April 2016, therefore this suggests that the Facebook Messenger app has become very appealing and engaging for online users. Furthermore, supporting the proposition that Facebook is breathing new life into email.

Other statistics reveal, Whats App is competing with the Facebook Messenger App as Whats App is the most used app globally, However people will still be using the Facebook Messaging app as it has been predicted 50% of mobile users in America will do so.

Interestingly, it is important to note that when Facebook divided both tools, online users were in essence forced into downloading the app leaving them with no choice, therefore creating a sense of scepticism regarding wheather people use it because they genuinely want to or because they simply have to.

The Power of Social Media

Social media has accentuated the importance they have on online users throughout the following years by allowing businesses to promote and advertise their brand using social media and to reach out to the general public and interested clients this begs the question if the Facebook Messenger app is beginning to take over the email market.

Facebook Messenger app is the new email predominantly because overall email marketing is still a very current and effective way to communicate with consumers as it aims to capture specific details of the interested individual. Therefore enable future marketing strategies in occurring. Another reason may be, because people may associate social network solely to social reasons therefore perceive it as a non-professional tool, Facebook messenger app has expanded in a range of multiple uses other than messaging such as Uber, PayPal and video calls. This provides the Facebook Messenger app with better, advanced benefits in comparison to email.