The holiday season sells itself, right? Wrong! With all the information, disruptions and Christmas specials out there these email marketing tips will make 100% sure that consumers have added that overseas trip to their Christmas stocking.

Email is the best way to reach your consumers, these email marketing tips will show you how

So, your marketing plan is split between finding new customers and retaining old customers – but why not choose a channel that speaks to both? We’ve reviewed the Litmus study on the email marketing of the travel industry to give you email marketing tips to optimise your email ROI.


  1. Give them what they want (and we don’t mean cake!)

Why have users signed up to receive your email communications? If you’re still thinking it’s for travel inspiration we hate to be the bearer of bad news, but pricing is (and will remain) the main reason for consumer sign-ups.

But what Litmus’ study has found is that Consumers and Businesses have different reasons for signing up to an email subscription? Businesses, because they’re not spending their own money no doubt 😊, are less worried about price, and state availability as the most important reason for sign-ups.

So, if you don’t segment your database into Business and Consumer subscriptions, you might give lower prices to Businesses that would have paid extra, and are trying to convince your consumer database to visit a new travel destination that they can’t afford.

Give your subscribers what they want and what they signed up for. Segment your database, personalise the various email offers and sit back and track – then you will find out if what you’re offering really truly is what your email list is looking for.

Holiday email marketing tips for the travel industry

Image via Litmus – Consumers want better prices and deals! Don’t we all!


Holiday email marketing tips for the travel industry

Image via Litmus – Businesses don’t really care so much about price as destination availability.


  1. More targeting & personalisation mean less frequent emails

If you’re able to segment and personalise your email segments’ marketing messages and offers, it stands to reason that you’ll have less to say and less destinations to offer. This is perfect because this is exactly what users are looking for. 21% of the surveyed subscribers say they’re receiving email communications from airlines too often. And 31% say they receive too many emails from car rental companies.

So, the solution remains: By segmenting and targeting your email messages you’re giving the users what they want to know, and you won’t have as much to say – which reduces the frequency of email sent in return. Everybody wins!


  1. Get the lead times right – hit the holiday planning sweet spot

Where is the sweet spot you say? We’ll let Litmus show us. On average travel planning starts 80 days in advance – are you sweating because you haven’t started your Christmas campaign yet?

Holiday email marketing tips for the travel industry

The time is now! The most popular time to start planning your holiday is within 1 – 3 months, so if you rush you could still fit!


Let’s get started – the sooner the better!

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