There’s no doubt that the festive season is an important period for online brands. Consumer spending nearly doubles as they shop for gifts, décor, go on holiday and purchase food. As a result of the Christmas rush, competition surges, with brands jostling to get poll position. However, not having a seasonal digital marketing strategy during this time can put you on a serious disadvantage. Here is why.

More consumers are moving online

Although customers still prefer to shop in store for their products, online spending during Christmas time has significantly risen. In 2014 the UK markets enjoyed £17.7bn in revenue, a significant increase of £2bn from the year before. Digital sales accounted for 23.4% of Christmas spending, which is a quarter of retail revenue. Online shopping was so high that retailers failed to meet orders.

Christmas starts in September online

While you might see Christmas décor start going up in early November, Christmas starts as early as September online. That’s when most searches for gifts begin as consumers prepare for the festive season rush. Google reports that as early as October, 40% of British consumers begin shopping for Christmas online. Brands that are present digitally, therefore, have more of an opportunity to capture this growing market.

Digital marketing allows for convenience

During the Christmas season customers want convenience more than ever. They’re rushed for time as they try to figure out the best gifts to get their loved ones. Digital marketing in this regard helps them find the products they’re after. This is even more so when brands target customers with products that are of interest to them using tools such as personalisation.

In keeping with the theme of convenience, digital marketing allows brands to market to anyone anywhere. Because geographical limitations are lifted, it makes it easier for consumers to shopper from the comfort of their homes. As a result, conversion are bound to increase more if you can deliver both physically and figuratively speaking. Remember, time is not on the customer’s side, so shopping online is better than walking through stores to find the best gift.

Gathering of valuable insights

Digital marketing allows you to collect valuable data that empowers your sales strategy during Christmas. By monitoring the stats on your channels, you can gather information such the volume of traffic, the most popular products, and issues stopping customers from purchasing.

Integrated digital marketing services

Digital marketing provides the opportunity for brands to gain exposure in more ways than one during Christmas. This can done by integrated a variety of services such as email marketing, social media management and paid search to mention a few. By doing so, you increase awareness of your Christmas promotions and are more likely to have better sales than you would without such a strategy.