Influencer marketing has seen a growth spurt in 2016 but what will the future hold for this marketing type? We explore the most popular predictions below.

Authenticity will be king

Consumers no longer buy into celebrity endorsements. And for those of us a little bit slow on the uptake, Scott Disick’s spectacular Instagram fail would have convinced us. And if customers can see through sponsored content and its authenticity, it is no wonder that brands are looking elsewhere to spend their much-needed marketing budget. With the popularity of influencer marketing rising and with the ever growing need for unique and creative content, brands will start to question the value and integrity of their celebrity endorsements – looking to authentic content created by influencers to talk to get their message across and build brand advocacy.

What does this mean for 2017?

When choosing an influencer in 2017, brands will have to ensure that this influencer’s style, brand identity and tone is in line with their vision and mission. Generate unique content for your brand isn’t all you wish to achieve. You want to ensure the influencer is compatible with your brand, and that the content doesn’t come across as forced or way random. You want to tap into their existing and loyal fan base.


Influencers will continue to grow in popularity and relevance

We’ve already established that consumers don’t trust celebrities anymore. But YouTube has proven it. Google claims that, “for millennials who spend a lot of time online, YouTube creators are more influential than traditional celebrities.” Not convinced? Let these stats by Google do the talking.



What does this mean for 2017?

Influencers aren’t a fad, they are here to stay. With the increase in mobile devices and with social channels becoming platforms on which you can do pretty much anything – influencers will become even more influential in 2017 and brands will continue to build active and loyal partnerships. In fact, brand content will even become influenced by influencers, with strong corporate messaging being replaced by the more familiar faces and stories of your favourite YouTube stars.

Micro-influencers will increase – but only those talking real-world problems will remain

So if brands are going to increase partnerships with influencers, then it is then logical to predict that more and more users will try their hand to become influencers and make it big time. Expect more people to pop up online and (hopefully) expect a diverse variety as users try to find an untapped niche market that will propel them to fame.

What does this mean for 2017?

Brands will have more choice, but also more responsibility in choosing the right and sustainable influencer. As all things that promise fame and fortune, the trick will be to ensure that your chosen influencer isn’t just a one-trick-pony. Brands will have to choose influencers that solve marketing challenges such as ROI, building long-term loyalty and relationships as well as ensure seamless online purchases – not something that every start-up influencer will be able to promise and deliver.

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