It’s almost that time of the year again! Get ready and take your tools out to craft your best Black Friday email campaign. We had a look at last years examples, and these two really stood out in our inbox.

Subject : Snooze through the sales…

Surprisingly a #BlackFriday email does not have to be black or a flashy red to stand out as a Sale offering.

We love the concept and design. It speaks directly to all the snoozers out there! They’ve used a quirky GIF and ‘on brand’ copy to convey their message to sleep through those early Black Friday sales. Plus a playful promo code adds the finishing touch!

We’re excited to see what Casper will pull out under the duvet for #BlackFriday this year!

Casper BlackFriday Email


Subject : Get R399 off your Yoco card reader | Black Friday special

What a savvy little tool to have. Yoco is for all the small business owners driving our economy forward. With this pocket size point-of-sale software, it lets you take card payments anywhere.

This is a beautiful #BlackFriday email example with a short and strong message that gets you straight to the point. We like the futuristic touch on the typography with bigger kerning and blue details tying in with the rest of the mailer’s space and colour. The crisp 3D rendering of the device gives you a luxury feel of the product. As you scroll down, it reveals the two devices you can purchase with fun (short) facts on why 1500 other entrepreneurs are using Yoco.

Also, don’t forget to watch the video below to see how savvy this little gadget really is!

Get swiping!

Black Friday

(Please note: To view the full design of the mailer, please click here.)

Be on the lookout for our next #BlackFriday email review and latest tips!