Programmatic advertising usually refers to the expenditure on online software in order to purchase digital advertising as oppose to the traditional process such as natural human negotiation and RFP.

Programmatic advertising is becoming to evolve in the digital marketing industry allowing marketers to pursuit programmatic advertising to maximise brand awareness and boost efficiency.

According to search engine watcher, 70% of B2B marketers plan to increase spenditure on programmatic advertising in 2017. In addition, 65% of B2B marketers are currently purchasing Programmatic advertising. This statistic portrays a significant increase from 54% in 2016 to 2017.If results continue to increase; programmatic advertising could potentially exceed social media and video marketing by the beginning of 2018.Programmatic advertising has been found to enable, specific targeting, more pertinent ads and higher quality conversations.


Benefits of programmatic advertising

The three predominant advantages of using programmatic advertising are

  • Demand side platforms- to host an open market and purchases
  • Supply side platforms- to take control over the ad inventory sector for the publishers
  • Data management platforms- to accumulate and analyse users data in order to help with targeting and messaging


The process of programmatic advertising involves the process of purchasing advertising space as well as place ads through an auction process. Programmatic advertising platforms predominantly functions through advanced algorithm and historical data in order to calculate bids for each ad placement obtained. Followed by this procedure typically, a purchase transaction takes place immediately.

The question has been aroused why marketers should adopt programmatic advertising; the answer to that question is because it is made to enhance effectiveness by automating digital ad and placement. Furthermore to gain a deeper insight into customer behaviour and to optimize your key performance indicators.


Programmatic advertising Trends to keep an eye out for.

Bidding on headers will continue to advance. This technique will continue to benefit publishers and advertisers during this year. As bids are being increased causing associated revenue to accelerate. The advantages created are progression in the approval of the strategy.

Another programmatic advertising trend to keep an eye out for is  False, inappropriate news will be closely monitored. False news were widely spread over the internet creating a challenging year in 2016 for numerous brands in regards to supporting Programmatic advertising with core target audiences. Therefore it is important to keep the momentum consistent in high levels of brand safety.

Lastly, programmatic media featuring in customers journey successes. Original digital content writers have become familiar with is the concept of customer journey through content writing over the years. Therefore the pressure has increased for digital agencies to be more involved in customer’s journeys.


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