FAQs are some of the most underrated pieces of content in marketing. They’re often bland and uninspiring, being produced out of necessity than the need to provide value. This would make most marketers overlook FAQs and emphasise more cutting edge pieces of content for their audience.

Let’s be real for a moment; FAQs barely get any traction. They may bring in a great deal of traffic for some sites, but they aren’t noted for leading conversions. However, FAQs are as essential as video. In fact, most forms of content marketing are FAQs, as they answer questions the audience might have about the brand, or just provide awareness which was previously unavailable.

A: So your brand does need an FAQ page. Your audience always has questions, whether it’s about setting up their product or the time it will take for their purchase to reach their door. These are all essential questions and answers that guide the buyer to make a more informed decision.

FAQs can help you increase the trust between you and the customer. What’s more, and if done right they decrease the amount of inquiries you may get daily, which means you have more capacity to work on other projects.

So how do you increase the relevance of FAQs?

The problem with FAQs is that there is very little creativity that goes into making them. While they do need to be straightforward and answer the question as quickly as possible, they can still be engaging and entertaining.

A creative content marketer will see opportunity in FAQs, as they can be used to expertly funnel the audience into the buying cycle. This can be done by adding personality, especially if your brand’s content is already infused with your touch of personality. This can seep over into the FAQ to ensure that the experience for the audience is seamless from the home and product pages to an FAQ and, finally, checkout.

Formalising FAQs on a website that is built on humour, for example, can jolt the reader, which can make them lose interest. However, there must also be formality, especially when answering questions that clarify legalities. It’s a balancing act that requires as much effort as you would use in creating a how to infographic.

A perfect example of a brand seamlessly blending its personality within the FAQ is Cards Against Humanity, which uses its existing sharp tongue-in-cheek humour to answer questions the audience may have. The brand manages to balances the humour together with more formal responses, which leaves the audience still entertained.

Apart from the tone and style of writing, FAQs can be made relevant by researching the most popular questions your audience has. These must be categorised correctly, with the customer in mind, in an attempt to point the buyer in the right direction. Remember to always keep them short and simple, and always leave a form where customers who haven’t had their questions answered can send a query directly to you.