Here’s some tips and insights on how Uber keep their customers engaged and coming back for more!

Send a warm welcome to new travellers

The average open rate of commercial emails is anywhere from 18-25% according to MarketingProfs. Therefore, take advantage of the massive open rate by including a special offer or promotion that will drive additional revenue back to your website. Remember, this is the first mailer they’ll receive so be sure that it’s informative, engaging and lures them in to stay subscribed.

Uber made a great first impression by welcoming their customers in a professional, branded way. We like the clean and simple design with short messaging and showcasing the app giving you a feel of what it looks like. As a newcomer, this email gives you a clear indication of how easy it is to use the app in just 3 steps: 1. Request a ride. 2: Map your driver. 3. Just hop out. Also, how generous of them to sponsor your first ride. Who wouldn’t want to Uber to get from A to B!

Email Journey

What’s next in your Email Journey?

Once you’ve engaged your audience with the welcome mailer, keep the momentum going with a series of helpful content. Uber keeps their brand top of mind by sending mailers that include special offers, news updates and travel receipts like the one below.

They’ve recently rebranded it to a modern new look. We like their take on a digital receipt, presenting all the information you’ll need from the moment you hopped in the car, to viewing your driver’s details or giving him a tip!

Email Journey

Below is another great example. Now customers can buy a digital gift card for anyone on their list. We love the festive card illustrations and choice of image to celebrate this unique offer. Why not buy that special friend a gift card to come visit you? 😊

Email Journey

Always keep your customers up to date with the latest news and special offers to keep them engaged and coming back for more! In need of some assistance? At Digital Fire, we specialise in email marketing and help you drive revenue for your business.