There’s no doubt about it; Valentine’s Day equates to big spending. Consumers are out to get the best gifts for their significant others, and aren’t so sure what it is they’re after.

So how do you the marketer show them that your products are perfect for the occasion?

Easy; email marketing.

This is obviously something we know because of the research done into the effectiveness of email marketing.

But how do you create an email that resonates with those getting in the swing of the 14th of February? Here are a few tips that are bound to give you the most ROI, and love.

Your bow and arrow is the message

The first thing you should nail is the message. It should speak to your primary target audience, who you must know through and through. For example, if you’re speaking to a youthful audience inspired by pop culture, create a message that is in line with the colloquial trends. This is because that group is more likely to engage in language they use in their daily lives, and feel like you understand them more.

The group you’re targeting should be able to relate to the copy and visuals you use. This includes your subject line and the content within the email. Try to keep it as short as possible, and use more visuals that are in line with the Valentine’s theme.

Making the decision easier

As much as people know a lot about their significant others, getting gifts is something that has always troubled lovers. So your email should act as a solution. It should be a resource, providing information on ideas that would work with your products for Valentine’s Day.

Don’t be the anti-climax

Shopping online just before a special occasion can give people cold feet. It’s the fear of receiving the gift days after Valentine’s Day that scares the love out of them, as this has happened many times.

Before sending out your mailer, ensure that your delivery strategy of purchases is foolproof. Once you know that only a 30 day long storm will stop you from delivering purchases, ensure that you highlight your super-fast delivery throughout the mailer. This can be included in the subject line and footer. If you have reviews on your spotless delivery time, link to these reviews.

Send a voucher

Your subscribers may be loyal, but they still need incentive to buy what you’re offering. That incentive should come in the form of product bundles, discounts and coupons. By so doing, you’re likely to generate more interest in your product. This is because people are trying to save as much as possible.