For most email marketers, coming up with a subject line is the most daunting part of an email campaign. It’s the first thing that the email list sees, so it has to be incredibly thought out in order to increase open rates. However, it’s not always easy generating a subject line that will send open rates surging through the roof.

But worry not. Here are 7 email subject lines to inspire you.

Modcloth goes for Shock Value

We’re always bound to let curiosity get the best of us. This is especially the case when we see something that promises to shock us even more. That’s why Modcloth’s subject line wins in the inbox. Titled Contains graphic material, it’s a subject line that is begging to be opened. The fact of the matter is that you want to see what the graphic material is. When you finally open it, the email follows through by dishing out stylish apparel with printed, vibrant designs. It’s SFW too.


Bootprints’ ‘what the heck?’ email subject line

But shock value need not stop there. In fact, you can be even more daring with your subject line. Bootprints gives us the perfect example of a “what the heck” subject line. If you received this email, you would more than likely want to click, as the subject line is titled, 3 great places for axe murders. Yep, you read that right. However, when you open the email you realise that there is absolutely no reference to the subject line, but rather references to the best backcountry cabins.


Pop culture references a hit for COOLS

Rules are sometimes meant to be broken. But when they are, they need to be well thought out. While you might not want to use all caps in your subject line, as this can send you into a spam folder, referencing pop culture strategically can be your winning formula. COOLS, for example, has a spectacular take on pop culture in the subject line, BYE FELICIA, HI 2016.


The timely subject line from Rue La La

Subject lines that use what’s trending to their advantage have a bigger chance of being opened. Take Rue La La’s reference to the reality show The Bachelor. The timely subject line, “Will you accept this rose? Sorry, *sale?” was a hit with the apparel’s primary audience which is female.


The apologetic subject line by Death to stock Photo

We all make mistakes at some point in our lives. What’s important is how we make things right, which is basically what Death to Stock Photo did when the service sent an email offer meant for U.S. customers to a global audience. Their resolve was to send an additional email with the subject line “We’re Sorry, so we got you flowers”. The email itself included a special floral photo pack.