ShortStack surveyed nearly 9000 marketers about their Black Friday and Cyber Monday marketing strategy  to see what makes some more successful than others. Here’s what they discovered.

Black Friday / Cyber Monday promotion strategy

In early October ShortStack surveyed 9,000 ShortStack power users. They learned that;

  • 54 percent of them already had a Black Friday / Cyber Monday promotion strategy in place.
  • Of that group, 93 percent are using, or plan to use, three to five tactics to execute their promotion strategy.
  • The tactics include hosting contests/giveaways, email marketing, advertising, and offering discounts/coupons.

What is clear is that brands promoting Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals, recognize the power of “omnichannel” marketing. These brands are employing a variety of tactics that covers many bases. For example the customer who ignores your catchy subject line in their email inbox might not be able to resist clicking on your clever ad in their Facebook feed.

  • Another interesting statistic that was found is that 86 percent of the marketers with a Black Friday / Cyber Monday promotion plan in place are running a contest or giveaway.
  • Although interesting, it’s not surprising that contests and giveaways are among the most popular marketing efforts from the five listed above.

Black Friday / Cyber Monday Contests

Running Black Friday / Cyber Monday contests allows brands to to gather data and to stand out from the crowd and get you more attention. Contests and giveaways are a jumping off point to all other marketing platforms and can get you more sales all year long. Black Friday / Cyber Monday promotions are also a great dry run in preparation for holiday sales.

Follow the link to read in more detail about these five reasons why you’d be smart to include contests and giveaways in your Black Friday / Cyber Monday promotion strategy.