Did you know that Cyber Monday has generated a new record of $6,59 billion in sales? As e-commerce marketers, it’s important to keep your finger on the pulse of the latest email marketing tips in preparing for this big day. Let’s look at Loft’s Cyber Monday email, while sharing some tips and insights on what makes a good email creative.

Countdown timers must be on your checklist for Cyber Monday

Seeing that you only have one day to sell your product, you might as well play on your customers’ fear of missing out (FOMO) with a countdown timer. This is a great way to create urgency without putting in too much work. We make use of NiftyImages’ awesome countdown timers. Check them out!


Vibrant colours you can’t miss

We love hot pink! This bright and electric mail celebrates the whole concept of Cyber Monday with a huge discount for buyers. This colour choice is packed with energy and doesn’t go unnoticed. It’s provocative and bold, making the text stand out. Placing text against a dark background focuses the readers’ attention on the message, while the colour helps to frame the text.


Give your email room to breathe

White space allows the customer to interpret and break down content into digestible chunks of information. With the white border and space in between text, the message looks good with breathing room.

Cyber Monday


Hopefully these email tips helped you brainstorm a few more ideas for your next campaign. If you’re looking for more insights and tips on how to launch a successful Cyber Monday email campaign, we’ll be happy to assist! Give us a call + 27 21 461 0891 or send a mail at contact@digitalfire.co.za.