In 2015, email marketing was the leading marketing channel on Black Friday and delivered the highest percentage of online sales. According to Custora’s data, 25.1% of all online sales is attributed to email marketing, followed by organic search (21.1%), paid search (16.3%) and social media (1.7%).

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According to Yesmail, “Email-driven revenue for both Black Friday and Cyber Monday has more than doubled from 2014 to 2015. Specifically, the number of email-driven Cyber Monday purchases grew by 129 percent and the number of email-driven Black Friday purchases grew by 162 percent.” Email marketing stays king with a return on investment of $44 for every $1 spent compared with $38 in 2015.

Time and time again, retailers see email marketing paying off. Subscribers are finding email content more compelling, and brands’ good design – including mobile-first techniques – are no doubt at the center of that. Sending out your Black Friday email marketing campaigns allow you to send out multiple blasts before the actual day. Keeping your emails frequent during this time will ensure that people are aware and remember your company’s deals on offer building anticipation for the big day.

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