When a welcome email is sent, it’s an indication that there’s interested in your brand. This is because welcome emails are usually sent to people who have subscribed or created an account with on your website. What this means is that there is a unique opportunity to create extra business through your welcome email, and incredible 320% more revenue if you do it right. Here is how.


Welcome emails aren’t the same as promo emails. They’re supposed to be sent after an action is carried out by the customer. And when we say after, we mean soon after. This is why you should use automation, as this means the email is sent automatically to the user. Not only does this save you a lot of admin hours sorting through new subscriptions, but the faster you send a welcome email the more likely you are to generate transactions. In fact, a customer is 10 times more likely to purchase a product when they receive a welcome mail minutes after they have signed up.


As you choose a style of automation, pick software or a strategy that allows for personalisation of each email. This allows your welcome message to contain information that is more desirable to that shopper and no one else. When a customer realises that you’re offering them products that genuinely interest them, they’re more likely to click-through to your offer and even more likely to purchase it.

Don’t forget mobile

Although signs up can happen everywhere, your welcome message is more likely to be opened on a mobile device. Even if they don’t open your welcome email on their devices, they’re also likely to access your website through it. If they find your website too hard to access on mobile, it’s likely they won’t sign up and vice-versa. However, mobile optimisation shouldn’t end with your site. Your welcome message should also be optimised for mobile, as this ensures that the person who opens it can read and interact with it the way you intended.

Set the tone for the long-haul

First impressions matter even when it’s just a simple welcome message. It’s how people will come to expect of you, and so your email must set the tone for upcoming promotional material. In a way, your welcome message should mimic your promotional emails, or any other promotional material. If you do it right, your customer will more likely engage with content you send them in the future.

Give a special discount a go

While customers have expressed interest in your brand and its products by signing up, they still need incentive. Everyone asks what’s in it for me, so show them what they stand to gain by being part of your subscription list or account holder. This can be done in a variety of ways, one of which is to offer special discounts and promotions. If you’re feeling really generous, you can also give free samples or add-ons that will make their existing purchase even better.