Your website is the hub of your business’s online presence, a crucial resource for existing customers and potential customers to find information about your business and purchase your products and services. A website needs to be part of a wider on/offline marketing strategy to drive maximum efficiency and results.

Websites come in all shapes and sizes but the most important aspect of a website is that it drives revenue and business for your company.

Digital Fire provides an A-Z website design and development solution that incorporates all technical and strategic parameters needed to have a successful website.


Your website is a shop window for your customers. The more beautiful and accessible it is, the better the chance of enticing them in.

Just like an actual store, the look and feel of your website has to speak to the hearts and minds of your target market. When the customer virtually walks in, they should be able to find the products and services they’re looking for. This is heavily reliant on design, which determines your customers’ perception of your business. Great design allows for easier navigability and seamless experience, allowing your website’s visitors to convert into actual customers.


Digital Fire specialises in a range of development skills primarly open source CMS development such as WordPress and Joomla.

Behind the glossy design, lies a code that brings your site to life. Brilliant code ensures your website functions as it is supposed to, allowing customers, using various devices, to seamlessly switch between pages, find and purchase products and interact with your business.

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Important notice: Fraudulent use of Digital Fire name

We are aware of the fraudulent Whatsapp and Telegram Groups circulating using our name and brand identity. Please refrain from engaging with them and report them on the messaging platform. Unfortunately, like many other digital agencies, we have now been targeted. Digital Fire will never contact you via Whatsapp and ask for money, offer money or offer you a job. Stay vigilant.

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