Many individuals will ask why automated emails or triggered emails are important. The answer is rather simple: Email automation can help your company broadcast timely, relevant and personalised emails to your database. Generally speaking these emails are more likely to be opened and clicked on, thus increasing the chances of generating revenue for your business.

As D Newman said: “Email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches – at scale.”

Here are a few automated emails sent by travel agencies:

  1. Automated Welcome Email
  • This is your 1st communication with a new subscriber; ensure you design a great looking mailer by using strong and engaging images and copy. Create curiosity and give them more information or a few travel ideas or destinations that they will find interesting.
  1. Promotional Email
  • These need to be persuasive, as the main objective is to generate leads and engage with subscribers trying to convince them to buy a specific holiday / flight / travel package etc. Once again, visual images and clever copy will work wonders! Get potential customers thinking and dreaming about their next weekend away or international trip or dream destination. The travel industry has an advantage to many other – everybody is always on the look out for a holiday or dreaming about one. By creating travel mailers with beautiful images of beaches, lakes, mountains or a lifestyle etc. the travel industry are selling the idea that ‘this could be you next.’
  1. Pre-arrival automated Emails
  • Create a sense of excitement about their upcoming trip, by giving them tips or asking them if they’ve start packing etc. All of this will build customer loyalty and the chances are you’ll be front of mind when they book their next trip, due to your great customer service.

Real time emails and personalised emails are also important in the fast moving customer orientated world we live in today.

Dynamic content, based on demographic data like age, holiday preferences, search history etc. can take personalisation to the next level and will definitely have a positive impact on your bottom line. If you are not doing this, you are losing out.

If you design and broadcast great looking emails, with informative information that add value to the end reader, you’ll establish yourself as the ‘go to travel company. ’ By being the ‘travel expert’ you’ll create brand loyalty that will definitely lead to sales and an increase in profits!

Remember… to stay relevant and front of mind, you have to adapt and move with the changing times… if you are not, you’ll stay behind while your customers will move to the competition as they are giving them much more than they ever expected and you don’t want that…