Spree.co.za is a leading online fashion retailer in South Africa operated by Media24 Ecommerce division. It has operated since 2013, and continues to set the trend for both men and women’s fashionwear. Being an online retailer, Spree.co.za needs to appeal to a wide audience and dominate its competitors.


Spree needed to grow their customer database and gain relevant consumer data, while also giving a considerable boost to the traffic heading to their website. The subsequent goal was to increase conversions.

Target market

Digital Fire worked with Spree to build a target audience that consisted of a fashion conscious high LSM target audience belonging to the female demographic.


It was decided that Digital Fire would execute a high level viral email campaign for spree Spree.co.za. The incentive for participating in the campaign was a chance to win a pair of shoes for a year. A promotional mailer would be sent to the audience, who would then enter the competition by filling an entry form on a landing page, and also have a chance to forward the email to anyone they thought would be interested in the campaign.


All components were designed by Digital Fire, with the objective being to provide a clean, sleek look which provide clear messaging and a very strong call to action.


The campaign was a resounding success, achieving a 47.6% open rate and exceeding response rate expectation with a 10.90% response rate.

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