Charlotte Rhys is a luxury brand that offers a range of luxurious bath, body and lifestyle products. It’s always a pleasure, working with the sophisticated brand, creating campaigns that are highly successful thanks to the client’s exceptional popularity and Digital Fire’s ground-breaking strategy.

Client Objective

Charlotte Rhys approached us wanting to grow a strong CRM base for future marketing purposes. While doing so, the client also wanted to increase brand awareness and ultimately give a boost to their sales. This would be achieved through a competition where participants would be entered into a draw to win a bottle of perfume worth R1200.

Target Audience

The target audience was predominantly women within the high LSM who have a discerning taste for high-end, luxury products.


Digital Fire created a viral email campaign to promote the competition Charlotte Rhys was running. It featured a promotional mailer, microsite, thank you page and viral mailer. The promotional mailer was sent to the target audience who then clicked through to the microsite where they could enter the competition. Once they completed the form, they were directed to a thank you page where they could refer the competition to their friends. As a result of the strategy, the Charlotte Rhys campaign experienced a phenomenal open rate of 44.53% and response rate of 17.10%.


The design was in keeping with Charlotte Rhys’ look. It featured a gif that interchanged between a model wearing a sophisticated white dress and another wearing a black dress, accompanied by corresponding colour fragrances.


Charlotte Rhys achieved an incredible open rate of  44.43% and an astonishing response rate of 17.1%

Promo Mailer


Landing Page


Thank You Page


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