We can officially say hello to SUMMER after a long cold winter! Many brands are refreshing their goals and content to prepare for the new season, and so are we. Here’s our summer email tips to get you inspired!

GIF all summer long!

Illustrate your emails with animated GIFs. Not only are they engaging, they also add personality to your email campaigns. Check out these GIFs below, having lots of fun in the sun, giving you a taste of summer!

Summer Email

Summer Email

Show them some love with email

There’s no better time to give a freebie! Show your customers some appreciation to give back and keep your busy subscribers engaged with your email. Loeffler and Randall made a great example of this, giving away various beachy gifts to suit the season. We also love the header “Out of office” and pale pink colours to match the handbag.

Summer Email

Send more summer email

When it comes to email marketing, there’s three things you need to think about: Send, Segment, Signify.

  • Send a series of mailers to remind your subscribers to take action and not snooze on the deal.
  • Segment: Based on their interest, you’ll separate your contacts into different lists.
  • Simplify your emails and don’t try to overwhelm them with too much. Stay focused on one message.

So how many must you really send? We recommend three mailers with every time-based promotion so be sure to include an announcement, reminder and last chance mailer. Then nobody has an excuse for missing out 🙂


If you would like us to spruce up your marketing game, call us today for a free consultation and we’ll make your email look sun-sational!


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