Shopping for ESPs or not sure where to start with the technical and strategic planning of your email marketing campaigns? We share our top 3 dotmailer email webinars to help you plan an effective and integrated email marketing campaign.

  1. The 3 big must-have marketing automation programs

Whether you’re starting out or simply refreshing your automated marketing programs, this webinar is a must-watch for you. Instead of simply putting together email communications to address a specific action taken by your audience (Welcome, Thank You, Abandoned Cart) dotmailer’s automation webinar takes a deeper look into the complexity of the customer life-cycle to evaluate whether your message is nurturing customer loyalty and moving your customer down the sales funnel. Your email list is your most valuable digital asset and automation makes personalised communications easy to implement.

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  1. Keep it super simple with design and creative

Bigger isn’t always better. Less is more. All these age-old adages are burnt into our memories, and yet we still struggle to apply this principle to our creative ideas and campaign deliverables. In this webinar Digital Strategist Gavin Laugenie and Creative Director Ger Ashby share their expertise on how to get into customers’ inboxes and how to stand out in a crowded inbox. They don’t just look at email creative, but also the technical side of email display to ensure that, no matter the internet access or Email Client that your customer uses, they will have a favourable experience with your brand.

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  1. Going beyond email with your marketing

Setting up optimised automated campaigns are just the beginning of the email journey. Modern consumers want to have a single conversation with your brand over a wide range of digital channels. In order to deliver this experience, brands will need to offer a continuous journey across all customer touchpoints. By delivering a consistent and personalised message to your consumers you are reinforcing a single message and call-to-action. Your customers will know who you are, and you will know where they are in the sales journey.

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