Getting users to sign up is a great milestone. But don’t forget to impress and inspire with your welcome email. Explore our 3 top tips to create an effective welcome email series.

So, what’s the point of a welcome email?

Consider the maître d’ at your favourite restaurant or at a 5-star hotel. Your first impression of the entire hotel and restaurant is set through your initial interaction with them and how they receive you. This sets the tone for the overall experience that you’ll be having at their establishment.

Now a good welcome email is no different. This mail sets the tone and success of your customer’s email experience – first impressions count!

Start off right with a 50% email open rate

The average Welcome email has a 50% open rate – much higher than the average newsletter open rate you can hope for in the future. So, with this high probability that your audience will be seeing your email, lets make it special and ensure that your email communications get off on a good start.

To help make the best impression we’ve listed our three most important tips to creating an effective welcome email.


  1. Set up an automated welcome campaign

A welcome email needs to be in your user’s inbox within minutes of sign-up to be truly effective. Set up an automated welcome series on your ESP for quick real-time welcome mails. Personalise your welcome email with the information received during opt-in or set up different journeys depending on where the user has signed up – all of this results in a relevant and personal first impression.

Short and to the point this Welcome Mailer from Yotpo reaches your inbox in no time.


  1. Let your audience get to know you

Give your audience a short description of your brand and share information you’re proud of or that will help users understand the value of your product. Set expectations about what’s to come of what they can expect from your brand in terms of frequency, type of news and promotions and link out to your most popular assets.

This welcome mailer from Upwork makes sure you understand how to use their product with links to their “How To” section.


  1. Share a special offer or limited discount

There’s nothing better than an unexpected bonus. Don’t just thank your users, give them something to convey your thanks in a way that adds value to the user. Exclusive and limited time offers work exceptionally well as well as links to popular assets and information exclusive to your database.

Herschel Supply Co immediately rewards their customers with a 10% discount voucher and creates urgency with a limited time offer, ensuring you’ll be back on their page to browse and redeem asap.


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