One piece of content can be as valuable as one hundred. Depending on your eye for opportunity, skillset and capacity, content can be transformed into a variety of pieces that provide an engaging narrative to your audience. The secret to having sustainable content, you see, is in how you repurpose it.

So let’s look at whether or not your business should consider repurposing content.

It helps with capacity

At the height of most organisational content management, ideas can fly left, right and centre. As soon as the ideas trickle down, however, it becomes difficult to produce valuable fresh content. In such situations, evergreen content can be repurposed to tell the same story but in a stylistically different way. So a blog can be transformed into a series of Instagram pieces coupling the content and imagery.

Audiences from different channels can be catered for

Because repurposing is the act of refashioning content into something visually different, you can use the different reiterations on various social platforms. Using the blog to Instagram example mentioned in the first point, we can see how you cater to two audiences, which are your blog readers and your Instagram followers, who follow these two different social media platforms for different reasons.

Repurposing acts as a form of remarketing

While it’s definitely not remarketing, repurposing is great in the sense that an audience which has seen the original piece of content you just repurposed may see it again. Only this time, the appearance is refreshing, reminding them of the message you introduced to them earlier on, but with different artistic touches. This means repurposing can be used in funnelling the audience into a purchasing cycle.

You’ve got a myriad of options at your finger tips

Content can be repurposed into various reiterations. From video to images and radio interviews to articles, you can recreate various forms of content to maximise its engagement capabilities. Creative and strategic execution is all that is needed in such as situation.

But it may not go well

Not everything is meant to be repurposed. This is where that eye for detail or opportunity is essential. Where most organisations fail with repurposing is in looking at the potential value their content can give. If the content wasn’t at all successful in garnering engagement, it may not be wise to repurpose it. What’s more, repurposing content may lead to it losing its meaning, and the message being diluted.

For this reason, marketers need to really analyse their content and the value it can potentially provide. There’s a need for creative flair and more collaboration to ensure that content is repurposed to the benefit of the brand and – most importantly – the audience.