Clarins is a cosmetics brand featuring an exceptional collection of beauty products. It’s always a pleasure to work on a brand such as Clarins, as we work hard to increase engagement with every mailer we send out.

Client objective

The campaign’s objective was to drive traffic to the website in order to increase sales and entries into Clarin’s competition. What’s more, Clarins wanted to profile and grow their existing database.

Target audience

The target audience for the Clarins mailer were predominantly female, and within the mid to high LSM, who have an affinity for high quality beauty care products.


We decided to broadcast an interactive viral mailer with powerful calls to action directing traffic to multiple pages on the website depending the the viewer’s interest.


The design was a clean, refreshing theme inspired by the Clarins brand’s colour palette. It featured animated gifs displaying the 10 reasons the audience should trust the brand as indicated by the mailer’s title.

8 Beautiful Reasons to Trust Clarins

A screenshot of Clarins September mailer.