Spree.co.za is one of South Africa’s leading online, fashion retailers, offering a variety of high-end fashion for men and women. As an online brand, Spree.co.za constantly needs to drive exposure of the brand, promote their products and drive conversions. This is where Digital Fire steps in.

Client objective

Spree.co.za consulted with Digital Fire on how best they could:

  • Drive brand awareness
  • Increase sales considerably
  • Stimulate database growth
  • Promote a competition

Digital Fire assessed Spree.co.za’s objective and decided to execute an interactive campaign, which involved a competition. Spree.co.za would offer two lucky winners R5000 vouchers each in return for a subscription.

Target audience

Spree.co.za would distribute two promotional mailers, one targeted to men and – the other – women. As both campaigns are considerable in tactical execution and scope, we’ve chosen to discuss audience demographics for the female mailer.

The target audience for Spree.co.za ladies’ interactive mailer were:

  • Women
  • Within the high LSM
  • Urban
  • Predominantly based in Gauteng
  • Aged between 21 and 40
  • Interested in fashion



Digital Fire helped Spree.co.za develop a viral email campaign. The mechanics would consist of a promo mailer, which would be sent to the original database selected by Digital Fire. The audience would then enter through the mailer and be directed to a microsite where they could fill in their information. Once complete, they’d be taken to a thank you page where they could refer a friend. The Refer-a-Friend page would then trigger a viral mailer sent to people the entrant thought would be interested.


Thanks to a strategic audience segmentation, mailer design and broadcast Spree.co.za managed to achieve:

  • 25.08% Open Rate
  • 3.56% Response Rate