Totalsports is an online and offline retailer that offers a range of the latest sportswear, including sports kits & equipment, athletic shoes etc. They offer international brands that range from Adidas, Reebok to Nike and Converse.

This year they decided to participate in the ever growing Black Friday. Although the Black Friday concept is still relatively unknown in SA, more and more retailers are getting on board in an effort to increase sales and profits.


Totalsports wanted to promote the Black Friday deals to an Opt In database of individuals that said they are interested in sport, health etc. They wanted to send out a mailer that would lead to an increase in website traffic that will ultimately lead to an increase in sales.

The main objectives were:

  1. Increase awareness with regards to the specific Black Friday specials
  2. Drive traffic to the website, where the offers were hosted
  3. Increase sales & profits

Target market:

  • Target individuals in the LSM 7-10 range
  • Males and females
  • Based nationwide
  • Interested in: health & fitness, lifestyle, running, tennis, athletics, rugby etc.


Digital Fire uploaded the artwork, tested the mailer on different browsers and email clients to ensure that it would display correctly once broadcasted. The correct database was built and Digital Fire broadcasted the mailer once sign off was received from Totalsports.


Due to great artwork, an interesting subject line and a well-built opted in database; this campaign generated the following stats:

Open Rate 42%
Click Through Rate 19%

This proves that a well-executed email campaign will always have the potential to generate great awareness and drive sales and profits.