Summary:  Email marketing promises substantial results compared to other online channels. This is why Triumph approached Digital Fire, as the email and media marketing agency had the capacity to deliver more than was expected for the lingerie brand. Through creative and strategic input and consultation, Digital Fire was able to deliver an open rate of 26.35% and click through rate of 11.64% for Triumph.


Established all the way back in the 1800s, Triumph has been around for centuries, providing a line of lingerie and shapewear for women. Till this day, the brand continues to provide an exceptional experience for the modern woman who wants to feel confident and able to do as she pleases, without limitations.

It’s no surprise that Triumph would want to continue its dominance, ensuring that women all over know about its offering. As a result, the brand approached Digital Fire with the objective of promoting its end-of-season sale.


As with most end-of-season sales, the objectives were to drive awareness and conversions/ sales. Triumph had already conceptualised the incentive, which was a ‘up to 50%’ discount. This undoubtedly would create much excitement among existing customers, and even those unfamiliar with the brand, who were in the market for exceptional couture.

Triumph also wanted to showcase, not one but, a range of their lingerie and sports shapewear. However, the client also desired a simple and short mailer that was capable of delivering a message without requiring too much effort from the audience.

Basically, create a mailer that will increase brand awareness and drive traffic to Triumph’s website where individuals could shop online.


Digital Fire consulted with Triumph and reached the conclusion that the brand would require a highly engaged database. More importantly, the media agency would execute a high level creative process, which would result in the design and development of a mailer capable of eliciting the desired response, which was accelerating online sales considerably.

Target audience

Digital Fire set on canvassing a database that would immediately connect with the Triumph brand. It was essential to select an accurately profiled audience, who would find the content relevant to their needs. With this in mind, Digital Fire selected an audience consisting of:

  • Females
  • An audience within the 7-10 LSM
  • Interested in: Fashion, beauty & cosmetics, online shopping etc.
  • Based nationwide

Designing the mailer

With the target audience selected, it was time for Digital Fire to conceptualise the mailer. The client provided an initial artwork showcasing copy set in front of a luscious red background. This gave Digital Fire a clear indication on how Triumph wanted its brand portrayed. It wanted a simple, yet dynamic design – the red forming an integral pillar displaying (in small part) the brand’s essence of desire, confidence and passion.

Client concept

Client Concept

First & Second Concept


The first concept was a one page mailer sporting a strong image and call to action.  A model took centre stage, while a message would sit atop.


The second concept took on the appearance of a small gift card. This would mean all of the message would appear above the fold, and space on both the right and left would be effectively utilised, as the message was placed on the left and the model on the right. Triumph was happy with both concepts, but still wanted the ‘SALE’ message to stand out.

Third concept


The third concept saw a bright red background give more weight to the message. Below were two playful models who were enjoying a night in, wearing Triumph lingerie.

Digital Fire and Triumph discussed the artwork and decided to refine the concept even further, to showcase a range of their products.

 Fourth concept


Upon hearing that the client wanted to showcase its range, Digital Fire decided to design a mailer with dynamic content. The mailer would make use of the same style as the second concept (message on the left and model(s) on the right), and take colour cues from the third, i.e. red background featuring more prominent copy and a large white CTA button. However it would also now feature a gif. The gif would change from a model wearing red lingerie, to another wearing sportswear, and a third in yoga apparel, while the third wore lingerie while sitting comfortably on the couch.

Client approval and coding

The client approved and was very happy with the look and feel of the mailer. Thereafter, it went into the development stage where it was successfully coded, tested on all email clients and troubleshooting software, and loaded into the email service provider.


Once the mailer had been tested, the client received it and reviewed how it would work in the inbox, while assessing the subject line, reading “End-of-Season Clearance, up to 50% off”. Everything was approved in a short time, and the client gave the go ahead to broadcast. Digital Fire and Triumph strategically chose the 1st of June, which was in line with end-of-season timelines and the start of their campaign. As a result of the fantastic design, coding, subject line and broadcast timing, Triumph achieved a:

  • 26.35% open rate
  • 11.64% click through rate

Triumph’s email goes to show how important design is in creating the desired effect and achieving the required objective. It’s a process of continuous communication between all relevant stakeholders, ensuring that the vision is in line with best practice and the client’s objectives.

Digital Fire proved itself by being able to create a powerful, but simple mailer, and distribute it effectively.