By focusing on the customer journey and the heart of the bond between parents and children, Danone Nutricia Netherlands achieved an eight-fold growth in revenue.

Danone Nutricia focuses their skills and resources to deliver evidence-based nutrition to support a healthy start in life for mothers and children worldwide. And science is very much at the heart of their nutritional health commitment and offered solutions.

So while healthcare practitioners and scientists are the main target audience for understanding the scientific benefits of allergy, immunity and digestive health, it is the mother and baby who is the end user. They are the consumers who will ultimately use the product and needs to understand and experience the added value.

So how is a company that is so clinically focused and specialised going to reach and communicate the benefits to their customers?

Keeping the customer at the heart of your user journey

Danone Nutricia started with redefining their customer and their challenges and needs. Motherhood is about the unbreakable bond between mother and baby and Danone Nutricia kept this in mind when considering how mothers consume communication throughout their pregnancy.

In collaboration with Sitecore xDB and Sitecore Experience Database, Danone Nutricia mapped the customer journey according to a new mother’s journey from conception to toddlerhood. They understood that motherhood and all its challenges isn’t just a quick process and that between conception and toddlerhood lies 18 months of needed support.

“We identified the emotions and decision points mums experience along the way — and that drives all of our customer experience decision making,” says Max Goijarts, Technology and CX Manager at Danone Nutricia. By gaining a thorough understanding of what makes mothers tick, Danone Nutricia was able to provide parents with help, support, and product information. The team could then lay out its most relevant services, content, and tools around the moments when they are commercially right.

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Creating an omnichannel experience that speaks to customers’ needs

Once the customer journey was established Danone Nutricia created a cohesive omnichannel experience to address challenges and provide support in the mother’s journey.

  1. Mobile App: Created an app that allows mothers to save important data on the baby and herself and to interact at every step of the mother’s journey.
  2. Convenient commerce services at the Nine Months Fair, an event in the Netherlands catering specifically for expecting mothers and the services and support they would need.
  3. Standalone point of sale kiosks in Amsterdam’s Central Station that allow parents to purchase necessities 24/7 through vending machines.

Capturing data along every touch point

While all of the above mentioned marketing activity supported and informed the end consumer, data was also captured along every touch point, providing context and insights to Danone Nutricia and allowing them to use this information to provide expert advice and ultimately convert the user into a sale.