Mobile usage, specifically smartphone usage, has revitalised email as a marketing channel and created new opportunities for brands to reach today’s ‘always-on consumers.’

Due to the mobile friendly environment we live in, email marketing offers retailers a low-cost, high value solution to drive traffic in-store.

With any email campaign the goal is to reach customers with relevant and meaningful content, this meaningful content is the key to turn email opens and clicks into ‘bodies’ in-store.’

A few tips to drive traffic in-store with email marketing:

  1. Deliver highly engaging offers with clear call-to-actions, e.g. mobile coupons, promotional discounts, special offers, events, product launches etc. These are proven methods to increase retail conversions.
  2. To ensure that these discounts are being used in-store, include a few larger discounts that are only valid at the physical store.
  3. Promotional mailers can drive user engagement with the brand, include specific in-store prizes, gifts cards etc. that can only be redeemed at the store.
  4. Show customers the perks of shopping in-store.
  5. For best results: Create email marketing campaigns based on customers’ demographic information, location and if you can, purchase history – CRM systems should be able to assist with this.
  6. Encourage customers / potential customers to visit the store, by showing them where the nearest locations are.
  7. Build a great relationship with your current customers, if you send them regular email campaigns, with great content and that will add value to their life, they will return and buy in-store.

Email marketing will also increase the odds that your customers will share the message with their friends via email or on their social media networks. This will increase the amount of individuals receiving it and can drive more people in-store that might not have been on your original database. All of this will lead to an increase in foot traffic and bottom line sales.

Foot traffic is an important measure when it comes to running a brick-and-mortar store. An increase in traffic leads to more opportunities for sales and customer engagement, which in turn will lead to an increase in sales and profits.

Customers have too many choices these days, they need to be constantly reminded that your company exist.  A great way to reach these customers are via email and online marketing as this is where they spend a big part of their time.  Customers are online, which mean, your company should be too.