Effective Measures have released their 2017 Ecommerce Industry Report for SA! For this report, Effective Measure surveyed 8,751 respondents in South Africa between July and August 2017, and refers to those who’ve never made a purchase online as offline shoppers. 

Online shopping is increasingly becoming the norm for online audiences in South Africa with findings from the Effective Measures 2017 E-Commerce Industry Report revealing that 80% of online shoppers have either maintained or increased their online shopping habit over the last twelve months and 46% of offline shoppers reportedly believing that they will make an online purchase within the coming year.

One of the most fascinating key findings in this report is that close to half of offline shopper respondents think they will become online shoppers in the next year, and 23% believe they will be persuaded by an online-only discount offer.


Download the full report from Effective Measures: http://blog.effectivemeasure.com/south-africa-ecommerce-2017